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About Us

Why use OutSec?

We are a British online transcription and typing company
…with experience!

OutSec is based in England. We employ UK-based staff and 80% of our typists are located in the UK. We are emphatically a British company operating under British law. OutSec transcriptionists will have first-hand experience of the British system, be it legal, medical, chartered surveying, estate agency or any other commercial sector, often over a period of many years. This invaluable knowledge and insight allows OutSec to maintain the high level of accuracy and quality of work required by our clients.

Personal attention in an impersonal world

At OutSec you will be allocated your own personal lead typist with back up typists always available to you. Your work will not be dropped into a large typing pool for an anonymous worker to grab and process. You will not be engaging with a voice-activated answerphone system. Instead you have your own account Senior Manager which you will know by name. A cyber-relationship of real value will develop over time that will enhance the experience of using OutSec’s online transcription services

Simple systems delivering real benefits

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to use OutSec. There is no software to download, unless you want to use our simple upload program which makes life even easier. However, it is not necessary. Got a browser and access to the internet? If you can drag and drop a file, you can use FileManager. It takes minutes, not days, to open an account and start sending work. We understand that outsourcing equals flexibility and OutSec delivers that with no fixed costs, no monthly charges and no hidden fees.

Our green credentials

OutSec has a clear position on “Green” issues and we have sought advice on how to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Green code of practice on waste and environment protection issues focuses on:

  • Reducing waste at every stage of the business process
  • Aligning ourselves with green suppliers & partners
  • Minimising the amount of printed materials & direct mail we use – for example all invoices are emailed and almost all correspondence is electronic
  • Recycling wherever possible in the office
  • Encouraging our staff and typists to be responsible, corporate green citizens
  • Considering environmental impacts in all our business decisions
  • Utilising public transport wherever possible
  • It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as possible. As an internet company we can do this very efficiently indeed and pass these benefits on to you.

Our moral compass

OutSec has a strong moral and ethical stance. All staff, members and clients are treated with equal dignity and respect. By using the best of UK-based online transcriptionists, OutSec provides transcription services that increase flexibility, improve productivity and reduce costs for our clients. An attractive financial rate is paid to our database of highly skilled transcriptionists. If you want cheap sweat-shop labour rates, try another website.

A perfect fit

OutSec offers a full range of transcription services for the property, surveying, inventory, medical, legal, financial, commercial and interview sectors and provides access to a large number of highly experienced transcriptionists who will have specific experience of their discipline. An OutSec transcriptionist is perfect for your requirements; the better the match, the better the quality and reliability.

Clients Include:

Here are just a few of our valued clients: