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Got an interview or conference recording that you need typed urgently?


Conferences, Police and Medical interviews, Court Transcripts, whatever format OutSec can help.  

Interview transcription is one of our OutSec's largest departments. All British typists have a minimum of 7 years' experience, the majority of them having worked in Court and police transcription.  All secretaries understand how exact this specialism is, whether a university research interview, staff disciplinary meeting, witness statement or covert recording, OutSec have a suitable experienced British typist for that discipline.

OutSec employs 3 different types of standard interview transcription

Intelligent Verbatim:

Common sense approach eliminating words not relevant to subject matter, eg, repetition erms, ahs etc.  This is the least expensive options and suitable for mos needs.  Queries are highlighted in red alongisde the time marker from the recording for ease of reference.


Everything is included in the transcript. This is a 100% accurate record of the submitted recording and will include repetition, erms, ahs, etc. No abbreviations or alterations are used.                          


The typist has full discretion to edit and proof the transcribed work. The completed document will be a summary of the subject matter. This report may be used as the reference for another article or project.

Here are just some of the companies we work for and examples of what we do for them:

  • market research companies - telephone calls and focus group transcription
  • corporates – team meetings, disciplinary meetings
  • drug companies - medical conferences and round table discussions
  • universities and student projects - large-scale research projects
  • film and video production companies - radio and television transcripts
  • forensic accountants - investigative interviews under caution
  • Cabinet Office - government ministerial speeches, brainstorming sessions
  • recruitment consultants – candidate interviews and company profiles
  • management consultants - business analysis data and planning initiatives

Among other clients, we have worked on large-scale university projects for Oxford, Cambridge, Salford, Loughborough, Derby Edinburgh, Dundee, The London School of Economics and many more.


Unless specifically requested to the contrary, all interviews will be transcribed as ‘intelligent verbatim’.

Multiple Voice Recording Advice Sheet click here

The OutSec solution has minimal impact on existing systems and working practices: clients record interviews in the usual fashion using digital recording technology and send them to OutSec using our FileManager web browser interface. OutSec then returns the completed documents through the internet, ready for printing. No email is used for file transfer.


Start at £1.50 (plus VAT) per recorded minute for a one-to-one interview, processed in less than 48 hours.  For more detailed information call 01366 348088 and talk to Tracey Pulfer or email her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

or for a quick quote click on Cost Calculator

*OutSec was started in 2002 with FileManager winnning the Department of Trade & Industry E-Commerce Awards in both 2004 and 2005.  OutSec is now recognised as one of the most robust and secure systems in the industry.



                    NHS, private practive, trusts, hospitals, medico-legal,                                                     GPs, medical research dissertations, interviews  


              Quantiative, commercial and structural surveying, estate agents,                   sales and letting agents, inventory clerks


                       Barristers chambers, solicitors, forensic accountants,                          sole practitioners medico-legal witness statements, 


                  Accountants, dissertations, research forums, interviews,                  broadcasting, film & production, insolvency, recruitment



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