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Medical Department

OutSec initially specialised in medical transcription and is now well known for its fast, accurate and reliable service.  With sixteen years' experience we provide medical online typing services to the following: 

  • medical / dental academic institutions
  • private hospitals / trusts
  • GPs / private practice
  • medical communications agencies
  • medico-legal expert witnesses

The OutSec solution has minimal impact on existing systems and working practices: 

Use the OutSec app to turn your iPhone or Smartphone into a digital recorder. 

Using our client log-in area, practice managers, administrative assistants or the doctors themselves can upload sound files easily and efficiently to our server.  Doctors can also upload from home providing a flexible typing solution ideal for the medical profession.

Your voice file is typed  into a Word document, client template or CSM by your OutSec dedicated typist.  

All OutSec typists have good, all round medical typing experience, as well as specific specialty experience.  An exacting match is possible with typists having a minimum of 7 years' experience in their field. Their choice to work from home means they consistently provide high quality work.  Working without interruption and distraction always produces better accuracy.  

In addition your OutSec Medical Account Manager will liaise with you and the typist closely to ensure that the typing meets your expectations and our high standards.

Case Management and Document Software Integration

If you have a digital soundfile workflow system such as nFlow or Winscribe, we can integrate seamlessly with that. OutSec also have specifically trained secretaries familiar with DGL Practice Manager, Mosaiq, or PMMS via secure VPN.  

Our experience includes operation notes, in-patient summaries, expert witness reports, psychiatric evaluations, outpatient notes, discharge summaries, radiology reports etc.  

Data Protection

OutSec take data protection extremely seriously and the following measures ensure that all medical work is carried out with appropriate diligence taken to ensure confidentiality of the highest level:

All medical typists are required to complete and adhere to the current legislation on Information Governance, Patient Identifiable Data and Patient Confidentiality on a yearly basis.  Certificates are held at Head Office and are available upon request.

All client account details, sound file upload and downloads are held securely on OutSec's SSL server as used by major online banks.

All sound files and corresponding transcription is deleted 40 days after origination.

OutSec Ltd is registered with the ICO.

Master Account Holder

In addition FileManager provides the option of a Master Menu account holder, useful for managers needing access to reporting functions normally associated with Workflow systems.  Within this facility you can see how much you or your department are using OutSec, what the costs are, the turnaround times as well as create additional accounts and view historic invoice data. 


OutSec's team of medico-legal typists are highly experienced, with reports being processed through our quality assurance procedure.


Consulting Doctors use their SmartPhone or digital recorder to dictate, with fast turnaround enabling them to meet their deadlines rather than being reliant on extra help from their NHS or private secretary.

OutSec's typing solution is ideal for hospitals providing flexibility and the ability to tailor delivery to suit individuals and specialist ward demands.  Working together results in hospitals never being short or behind deadline again. 

The flexibility of the system enables clients to use OutSec as and when required.  With a large database of medical typists we can always supply your needs be they staff away on holiday/ill or simply as a additional in-house secretarial support.


Standard Service - £1.20 (plus VAT) per recorded minute and within 24 hours turnaround

Priority Service - £1.50 (plus VAT) per recorded minute and within 4 hours turnaround

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Call us on 01366 348088 and speak to Stephanie Carmichael, Head of the Medical Department.  

Alternatively email her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or simply open an account online and we could be typing for you within the hour.

It really is that simple!



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