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    • The Dictate+Connect OutSec app is a professional dictation application for SmartPhones enabling clients to record and submit sound files directly from the phone to OutSec FileManager.


    • The application may be downloaded from iTunes and the iStore direct to the phone. A free trial version with limited functionality is available for assessment purposes.


    • Open an account with OutSec and you will be given a unique set of logins and passwords. Thesre are entered into your SmartPhone device. Sound files may then be uploaded directly to OutSec FileManager using the wifi or mobile phone network. No need for a PC.


Please use this guide for instructions on how to set up the Outsec App.

Check it out:

Instructions for Dictamus Apple iPhone Application (also works with iPad and iTouch):

This instruction manual describes the setup and operation of Dictamus for OutSec clients. Click here for the full version -

Instructions for Dictamus Android Application

Androrid setup is similar.  For full instructions, click here:



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