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Case Studies

Beechlands Accountancy Services

It was a simple Google search back in 2007 that led Paul Charles of Beechlands Accountancy Services to choose OutSec for his outsourced transcription provider; a relationship which has lasted for over 11 years. We spoke with Paul Charles about his experience of using OutSec.

We asked Paul whether he had any reservations using OutSec when he was searching for an outsourced provider back in 2007?

“I have used OutSec for many years and cannot recall having any reservations in using an outsourced transcriptionist provider”.

He went onto further explain: “Many years ago when I worked for a large company, dictation was dealt with by picking up the phone, tapping in some numbers, directly talking into a phone, ready for the typing pool to pick up the tape at the other end”. So for Paul he had no qualms about using a transcriptionist that worked remotely. Or indeed, using a phone for dictating, similar to our mobile app “…for some 30/40 years I have always known that it was possible to use a telephone or a handset for dictation.”

So what benefits has Paul seen in using OutSec?

“There are lots of advantages to having an online transcription service…”. Jokingly, he said laughing: “…one of which is you do not have a nagging secretary sitting next to you!”.

Composing himself, he continued: “Seriously, using OutSec has freed up quite a lot of time in our office and administration”.

I asked Paul if he could think of anything else. He replied: “It has always been a very useful business tool for me as I work remotely. It is pretty useful to prepare a letter on a train, in a café, at an airport, or even on the beach and have the letter typed and returned within a short period of time”. So for Paul, he uses the service as it solves one of his business needs: to be able to work remotely and when he is travelling. But also it gives him and his staff more time to do more work during the working day; thereby adding value and profit.

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