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Christmas Update from Ray Stanbridge, Chairman

It was, with a heavy heart, that I fired up my computer for a pre-Christmas catch up with our Chairman, the eminent Dr Ray Stanbridge, known by many clients.

Christmas Update from Ray Stanbridge, Chairman

T’was the night before Christmas, and it would seem that this year even the mice won’t get the crumbs of Christmas past. A Christmas Carol is not possible and isolation remains key to survival.


Ray Stanbridge smiles and I smile back.  I instantly admire his broad grin despite the past events cumulated in Saturday’s announcement that ‘Christmas is now cancelled’.  He has a reassuring air that enables the feeling that all will be right in the end.  I feel calmer and ask, with trepidation, the million-dollar question: his views going forward into 2021.  Pragmatic to the end he replies confidently:

“A New Year is always full of hope.  Keeping positive is vital for the challenges that confront us now and will continue into 2021.  With the arrival of a new Covid strain, the global impact will be fierce.   The last year has hit the industry hard and, up and down the country; businesses have suffered, both financially and otherwise”.

The inevitability of change

Ray Stanbridge continues:

“The change in working practice has changed never to be the same again.  Years of standard practice has been wiped out by a 9-month brush-stroke.  Employees now work from home, flexible working and, hot desking, where applicable and Covid safe will be commonplace.  We have had to ‘adapt’ due to circumstances beyond our control.  The last time such a thing happened was in war-time.  But now like then positivity will win through.  Survival is a primaeval instinct and that will enable us to overcome Covid during 2021 and come back stronger for it”.


“In fact you, yourself Vanessa, have told me how the lock-down affected OutSec.  I remember it when private practice was restricted with clinicians literally recruited by the NHS overnight.  That sector of your business literally disappeared overnight.  But as you pointed out at the time ‘the team is amazing, we will be fine, of that I am sure’.  I watched and wondered and you were right!  And I am proud of how strong the management team has shown itself to be.  By working closely with typists, redistributing work fairly and using Skype to best advantage they showed themselves to be innovative, compassionate and leaders guiding the company through these difficult times”.

I was truly impressed

Vanessa, you had always told me that the company existed due to its amazing staff and they were the core of the business and I now understood the full meaning of your words.  They, together with their teams of typists have come through this and deserve 2021 success as I am sure will follow.  Indeed as you pointed out clients were also supremely grateful to the OutSec typists for putting in extremely long hours both in and out of lockdown. Technology is wonderful but can never replace the relationship building that clearly lies at the heart of OutSec’s success.

Remain strong

And now with the new variant from South Africa, stress always felt at this year is worse.  In fact, it is hard not to get down-hearted. Still, it is only by remaining strong that we will survive.  ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is not a famous quote for no reason.  By working together we will come out of this happier in spirit and with a greater understanding of ourselves and our neighbours.  I, therefore, raise a glass for happier times in 2021.  Good health to you, the OutSec Management Team and typists.”

Ray Stanbridge that was uplifting and a pleasure to talk to you this morning.  May I also thank you for your continued support.  We remain grateful to you for your time and Chairmanship.  I entirely agree with your sentiments.  Life used to hurtle by with little time for reflection.  Over the Christmas period, in celebration of our faiths, may we look towards achieving inner peace.  Grateful to scientists working together to provide us with a vaccine, it is time to remain strong, firm and resolute. 

With best wishes

So signing off a sincere thank you to all our clients for their business throughout 2020.  Equally heartfelt thanks to Ray Stanbridge, our wonderful team of trusted typists and management who have steered OutSec through these difficult times.  And finally, best wishes for 2021 and a return to normality, even if that seems to be still far away. 

Keep safe, strong & well.

Vanessa French, MD and Founder of OutSec.

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