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What is your Dictation Style?

Guide to Dictation

Improve your dictation style with these handy hints from OutSec!

Dictation can vastly improve your productivity.  Did you know that it takes a typist approximately three or four times the length of a dictated file to transcribe the file?  This is for the simple fact that we can all speak faster than trained typists can type. Therefore dictation can free up your time by 35% to 40%, allowing you to be more productive.

It therefore allows you to concentrate on more important tasks at work. For example, it could allow you to develop relationships with your existing clients and potential clients.  In addition you can concentrate on expanding your business network.

As a result of technology moving very quickly, digital dictation options are becoming more and more attractive.  There is a vast range of digital dictation machines along with the use of smartphones and apps turning your mobile phone into a recording device.

Whatever device you choose to use, the basic rules are the same.  Here, we share some useful tips on how to dictate properly. This will ensure your work is more complete and returned to you in a timely manner.


  • Maintain a distance of approximately 15 cm (6 inches) from the recorder/iPhone/Android.
  • Do not rest the device on your chest or place the device to close to your mouth as distortion could occur.


  • Limit recording in a busy environment or when you are on the move.
  • For example, dictating in a car or on a train will distort the quality of the recording and potentially hurt your typist’s ear.
  • If you are dictating outside on site, we suggest using a wind blocker which will aide in the reduction of external noises such as wind, rain, traffic, roadworks etc.

Information is key!

  • Start every dictation with your name and the day’s date.
  • Clearly state what you are dictating and which template the typist should select from the templates we hold on file for you.
  • A lot of time can be wasted trying to “hunt down” which template is to be used!

Clear and Concise!

  • Maintain a clear, consistent tone and speed.
  • Speak slowly. Otherwise smaller in-between words are not heard clearly enough.
  • In-between words like “is, at, of, are” are very important words, even though they may not seem to be.
  • Punctuate clearly.  State where you require new paragraphs , for example.
  • Indicate bullet/numbered lists or how many columns needed for a table.

Spell it out!

  • Spell out any names, places or addresses
  • You could spell Tracey another way like Tracy or Tracie.
  • To ensure we have this correct for you please spell out names/places.

The End!

  • Most importantly state “end of dictation” when you have finished dictating – a lot of people leave their recording device running!

We hope these tips will provide guidance on how to improve your dictation style.

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