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How to Score a Home Goal!

Scoring a home goal and not just on Saturdays is now a daily target for many households. Home is where the heart is and now too is most of the UK’s business community!  However this should not be confused with the idea that, whilst we are in lock-down we are in shut-down!  Setting up house-rules however is vital to success and obedience by all is sacrament!

Opportunity Knocks!

Analysis shows that whilst businesses have never experienced home-working quite like this they are being innovative and are keen to make the best use of their time.  So having set up your house-rules and with peace and quiet in your ‘own space’ a sense of ‘business as usual’ will be achieved:

  • New business conversations are happening every day and are very successful.
  • Virtual meetings take place via Zoom, Skype, Teams
  • Call diversion, call forwarding is an easy fix or choose an e-receptionist from the many companies available via Google.
  • Increased use of outsourced typing facilities ensure no back-log of outstanding typing with all timeframes met.
  • IT companies are setting up home offices and networking
  • Innovation is at the forefront of the workplace that we now call ‘home’.


Over four million people in the country already work in this way, according to data from the Office of National Statistics. For them, this means business as usual.

For others however, adjustments will need to be made to ensure work-life can continue as seamlessly as possible.


Design an office space and score a home goal

In order to get into the work mentality, you need to create an efficient work environment.  Not too near to the fridge as a ‘snack attack’ might become a distraction; far enough away not to be distracted by your kids and their elevenses!

Think about ergonomics: make sure you use a comfortable chair which supports good posture, and a desk reaching an appropriate height to prevent you leaning down to your screen.  Ensure the family understand the ‘do not disturb’ notice, and this is one of the most difficult aspects of working from home, and they do not push the boundaries!

Then continue as normal.

If you made sales calls on a certain day, at a certain time continue to do so.

Whilst you can’t arrange a physical face-to-face meeting a virtual one can often in fact focus the mind more and stats claim that business continues as usual, either way.  After all business between countries has long lost the aircraft appeal it once had; the idea of commuting between countries is long dead and people can read body language on the screen due to better digital content.


Whilst the above sounds easy, whatever way you look at it there is a huge difference between working at home and in an office.  One thing that will affect the huge proportion of homeworkers is the fact that you may have little people knocking at your door demanding your time.  So think smart.  Use whatever bribes necessary to ensure you are not disturbed and can fully concentrate in your new environment.  In addition delegate to others!  Even if this means diverting your phone whilst you work on a project, outsourcing your typing and using Deliveroo to treat yourself to dinner or a day time treat!  Score a home goal today!

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