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Ignore Social Media at your Peril: Tweet Now!

Ignore Social Media at your Peril: Tweet Now is a blog post by OutSec the UK's leading online transcription company it has the word social media in scrabble letters with a phone showing FacebookBut have you thought: secretaries are potential social media experts

They ‘tweet’, they ‘twitter, are on Facebook, LinkedIn and have embraced social media, often more than their bosses!

Ignore social media at your peril and to the detriment of your business

Business has changed dramatically over the last 30 years.  The ‘secretary’ has evolved but still types.  Surely they shouldn’t?

Consider the history of the last 30 years:

In the 1950s a secretary took ‘shorthand’ [dictation] and passed the paper manuscript to a ‘typist’ or a ‘typing pool’ for transcription. The traditional typewriter had a ‘carbon’ copy!  The secretary did not type – she was there for more important work!

In the 1970s austerity hit.  As a result companies chose to inflict the typing on secretaries to save on typists’ costs and space.

The 1980s saw the introduction of automated office technologies. Fax machines, word processors, spreadsheets, databases and desktop publishing expanded the secretary’s skill set. However, the secretary continued to type.

In the 1990s the worldwide web revolutionized the world.  Email and web-browsing were new. In particular Windows 95, integrated computer networking with administrative support, made it compulsory to move with technology. Secretaries still typed.

However, on top of this fast-paced environment, in 2003, social media opens up a new potential growth area for business to thrive. Blogging also rises in popularity, providing more creative roles to administrative staff. Still the secretary typed and indulged in her/his spare time in, guess what, yes you have guessed right: ‘social media’!

SEO rates your social media presence

Social media cannot be ignored.  It rules the internet and your business. But still employers are slow to move.  Meetings with external social media ‘gurus’ speak a language of words, often misunderstood.  Baffled employers do not know where to turn.  The subject is put on hold.  It gets discussed over beer, in cafes, it is on everyone’s lips but not in everyone’s business.

The answer…

A no-brainer: your team, those who work with you.  Use your existing talent to create a social media presence.

Secretaries are naturals in ‘social media’

As outlined above secretaries have had their roles altered dramatically and yet many still type.  They are active on social media day in, day out.  Typing is not pro-active in developing the company.  Typing is a necessary task that can be accomplished by a dedicated typist, in or out of the office.  As a result the rise of outsourced transcription services used by businesses who realise the importance technology and use it to best advantage.

It’s simple really

By examining how much typing a secretary does, the amount of hours say per day she/he does, please see…… you can evaluate the true cost.  Compare this to outsourced typing and you will see the savings that can be made by outsourcing this task to an external provider.  Your secretary/administrator can then dedicate to using her/his talents at social media – as has been said before, WHO knows your business best?  Your internal staff!  Not an external agency or self-appointed ‘expert in your industry’.  All companies are individuals with their own identity and this is what is so particular about social media.  It is putting a message across in your own language, at your own pace and targetting the correct audience.  So much can go wrong by using an external provider; this is not a wise move.

Think smart…  Outsourced Transcription is as easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Dictate using your Smartphone as a digital recorder [via an App].
  2. Upload dictated audio files to dedicated system.
  3. Relax knowing your typing is being provided by a specialist premium typist.

The Facts Speak for themselves:

  • Internal typing can be outsourced at a cost saving of 30%.
  • Employees under 50 are internet and social media savvy!
  • Typing is a necessary function but not ‘money-making’.
  • It distracts personnel from growing the business with you, not for you.
  • Take a look and rethink your marketing strategy and internal employee roles.  It’s very simple really and you have your experts in social media right under your nose, many of them may be younger and know the subject inside out and upside down!


  • How much typing is being performed in-house every day?
  • How many hours per week this will free up if it was outsourced.
  • Have a marketing strategy meeting to identify whose strengths lie where.  One person could do Facebook, one Twitter, one LinkedIn or even take one staff member out of the equation totally and have them devote their time to this exercise.

If not, you WILL lose out over the coming year!  This is inevitable as technology continues to win the race.

Ignore social media at your peril?  Can you afford not to take this article seriously?  Act now before you are left behind.

Don’t just take my word for it read these!

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If you are a law firm wanting to start your social media journey, check out our blog post: Starting Your Social Media Journey: A Guide for Lawyers.

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