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Moneypenny, answering calls 24/7

Recovering Business after COVID-19 

As the nation begins to restart business, many companies are re-evaluating their communications strategy.  We, therefore, invited our Associate Partner and leading outsourced communications provider, Moneypenny, to share their tips for a fast recovery.

Business owners are asking ‘how can we use technology to improve communications in this New Norm?’; ‘how can we easily ensure all phone calls are answered with less internal resources to hand?’; ‘how can we do this both effectively and easily?

“Coronavirus has left businesses across the world anticipating the New Norm. As the pandemic struck, thousands of businesses were left with little choice but to quickly shift operations to a remote environment.  In fact, 55% of UK workers found homeworking to increase their productivity. But on the opposing hand, 57% said they had missed those in-person chats with colleagues in the office.  But, with social distancing requirements, a remote or hybrid-working environment will be the only option for many businesses.

Because of this improving connectivity between employees will be vital to a smooth adjustment.  In fact just as essential as perfecting your customer communications strategy.  Therefore both elements need addressing.

Viable Solutions for all Businesses

We, at Moneypenny, found using our intranet platform Workplace by Facebook for company-wide updates & discussions highly effective.  We combined this with Microsoft Teams for video calls & daily conversation.  Both provided a highly effective way of keeping workplace chat and team collaboration flowing, whilst ensuring employees remained engaged and motivated. Interestingly, we’ve seen our usage of the Workplace platform go up by 1000% during knockdown.  And peer-to-peer recognition has been at an all-time high! 

Capture Every Sales Opportunity

Lock-down meant human interaction and the need to feel connected grew greater than ever before. Maximise communications to capture every opportunity as customers seek clarification on changes to operations or service. In fact, a recent survey revealed 43% of UK businesses feel calls are more important now than they’ve ever been. 

Key to bounce back will be to ensuring you have the right resources in place.  Lines of communication, such as telephone, email, or live chat, will need to be open and available to your customers.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Support 

Maintaining exceptional customer service will be an integral part of recovery when it comes to winning back customers and attracting new clients. 

There are numerous cost-effective ways to achieve this, even when members of your team are still on furlough, or you’re forced to operate with less resources to hand. 

Calls are the Lifeblood of Every Company

A digital switchboard, for example, will enable callers to reach the person or department they wish to speak to without the need to be transferred by a real person. While a Live Chat service will allow your employees to efficiently triage enquiries from the safety of their home, giving customers a quick, alternative route to reach you, whilst freeing up phone lines and saving you time. 

In the absence of your reception staff, a Moneypenny PA can provide peace of mind, expertly handling calls with the same level of dedication for your business as your own team, whenever you can’t. 

About Moneypenny 

Moneypenny is the biggest and fastest-growing company of its type with over 13,000 clients.  It handles 15m calls and live chats with their people & technology-powered solutions. As a trusted partner, they are on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week, ready to support businesses of all shapes & sizes with their communications, in times of crisis and beyond. 

For more information about Moneypenny, visit their website:

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