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Retrain Your Mind – Think Outsource


Retrain your mind think outsource blogpost by OutSec the UK's leading online transcription company

For instance, how many employees do you have?  How big is your office space?  These questions used to be considered the way to gauge a company’s success.  Big had to get bigger.  Multiple offices a must!  Now it is the reverse.  Smart working practice by outsourcing enables companies to employ less people whilst enabling hot-desking or remote working.  In other words by lessening overheads your profit will be greater.  Because of this you will have a greater spend on growing the business!  Retrain your mind – think ‘outsource’.

Outsourced Sense

Back office operations are generally never a core function of any organisation.  By their nature, they are secondary functions.  So why not outsource these functions to companies who ‘play to win’ in those areas?

In today’s highly competitive digital age a new and innovative approach is needed to achieve better business outcomes. Moreover to strengthen your position you need to be backed by a team of efficient ‘outsourced’ providers.  As a result you and your team can focus on your key competencies.  Retrain your mind – think ‘outsource’!

Any function that is not your central success strategy could be someone else’s!

It makes sense!  The only reason, before the digital age hit us head on, that outsourcing was not considered was logistics.  However now with remote access to internal systems no function cannot be outsourced.  Therefore which areas are best suited for your particular business?  This is the question.  Like any aspect of business, outsourcing takes continual work and refinement, but it is now commonly understood that it is one of the most powerful business enhancements out there.

Two areas that spring to mind are IT and HR.  For instance, IT is recognised as ‘an outsourcing norm’.  However, HR is still primarily considered an internal necessity.  But why?  As a result of outsourcing a department you will achieve the following:

  • More space
  • Less overheads
  • Less headaches
  • More profit!

In effect you are getting expertise at a fraction of the cost of an internal employee.

Again in the case of HR it is obvious.  Impartiality is essential.  Moreover a non-biased independent body is great when marketing for job applications! Because of this this area will see growth on a rapid scale.  It is just a matter of time.

In this case OSL recommends:

Inside Advantage

  • Employment law experts available to protect your business
  • People and performance management specialists to drive your business
  • Dispute resolution, HR audit, and strategic management training
  • Employment law advice, strategic HR management and development, change management
  • Mediation, HR and leadership experience
  • Dispute resolution, mediation, HR and leadership experience

Monica Beckles heads up InsideAdvantage who provide CIPD qualified specialists to manage your risks and maximise your rewards.  Monica is well versed in the complexities of employment law and the challenges people management can pose to the bottom line. With over 25 years’ corporate leadership experience in operational and HR roles her wealth of experience and her team help clients to build relationships. Good relationships form strong bonds essential for good working practice.

Outsourcing isn’t just about cost savings…. It’s about optimising business processes!  Retrain your mind – think ‘outsource’.

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About OutSec The UK’s Leading Online Transcription Company

OutSec is the UK’s leading online transcription company.   It’s business has grown substantially since 2002 and it is renowned in industry. UK based it provides highly trained sector-specific typists.  Retrain your mind – think ‘outsource’!

OutSec are both ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified.

Information, data security and confidentiality is vital in today’s tech-centric industry.  Because of this, if you are agreeing a contract that deals with sensitive data, demand ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials compliance.  They are more than logos!  Moreover, these standards set the bar extremely high.  Because of this every company is reviewed annually. They also provide assurances that OutSec are indeed GDPR compliant.

OutSec provides secure outsourced transcription services to the medical, legal, property and surveying, media and interviews, inventories, financial, commercial, HR, recruitment and Executive Search sectors.

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