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Quarterly Update, Ray Stanbridge, Chairman

Ray Stanbridge, Chairman of OutSec, reflects on our inner selves

September 1st and going back to school has never caused the furore that 2020 has seen.  It is unlike any other year and as we move forward to the winter months the chill in the air seems particularly foreboding.  However, in meeting up with Ray Stanbridge (actually in person this time) I was thrilled to find him positive and looking brightly towards a new future.  A different future admittedly but a new and exciting one, particularly in relation to technology, changing working patterns and increased opportunities.  As Ray put it:

“The Covid-19 crisis has affected societies and economies around the globe and will continue to do so over the coming months.  None of us have a crystal ball but human mankind are survivors and this epidemic will not destroy us.  If approached correctly it could make us even stronger. Change on this scale creates new openings for managing systemic challenges and opens up opportunities to improve the world.  True reflection has lifted the lid on huge questions about equality, access to care, how we socialise with each other, who is lonely, who is vulnerable, who and what we value… and what the state should look like.

As we hurtled through our lives prior to Covid-19 the importance of materialism took over from the ideologies of the past; the value of family, health and respect for each and every one of us.  Fundamentals that those who lived through wars understand in their entirety.  We now know that radical change can happen and must happen in order for us to both value ourselves and our place in society and globally”.

Ray continues:

Technology was the key enabler to survival during the Pandemic

“One of the saviours of our time in lockdown has undoubtedly been technology.  If Covid-19 had struck 20 years ago, our global response would have been far less capable – all thanks to ‘digital technologies’.  No contact, locked down, shopping deposited at your door day on day.  In fact, no chance of seeing another facial expression outside of your family bubble for weeks on end.  Without technology we would certainly been more worn down, mentally and physically.  Don’t forget FaceTime only came into being in 2010!  But now, Zoom meetings and digital hopscotch ‘work’ moved home.  Online shopping deliveries, physical work-outs and sofa entertainment kept us busy.  And finally  technology enabled us to beat the pandemic’s most needed crutch – human contact.

Reflection should be an ongoing process, not just a tick-box part of revalidation

So my message is to continue to reflect and if need be alter your lives, for the better of yourselves, our family and society as a whole.  Zoom allowed for virtual happy hours, virtual family gatherings (keeping the grandparents safe), and even virtual meals. However ironically people pre-lockdown went out for a meal but still spent much of their time looking at their phones rather interacting!  The pandemic brought people together so let’s not go back  to before Covid.  Instead use technology to work with us to our advantage but not allow it to consume us.  Treasure what we have, nurture our families and support our communities.  Just a smile at a neighbour or helping someone cross the road, takes so little, but means so much.  Community spirit rose from the coronavirus and helped the nation survive.  You, too, can make the difference”.

As you can imagine the above words resonated early on in our conversation and are a powerful message.  Let a new chapter commence and with it the seeds of compassion, empathy, tolerance and love be sowed for generations to come.

Ray Stanbridge is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Ray Stanbridge has been Chairman of OutSec since 2016 and continues to actively advise on the future development of the company.  OutSec are continuously grateful to Ray for his valued assistance.

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