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OutSec are here to help

OutSec have considerable experience of specialist transcription and has a dedicated department ready to assist you.  We can turn your audio into transcript so it is available to clients almost immediately.   Moreover transcripts provided are invaluable as reading material long after the event!

YouTube & Vimeo Video Transcription

OutSec can transcribe directly from YouTube or Vimeo videos. Please enquire about other video hosting services.  In addition, OutSec transcripts are suitable for YouTube captioning.  As a result this can improve your video search results.

Podcast Transcription Service – Podcasting Transcripts

OutSec provide a wide variety of podcast transcription services. Prices vary depending on complexity of the podcast.  If you would like to discuss this please ring Tracey Pulfer on 01366 348088 or email her at with your specific requirements.

Selecting Audio Recording Equipment 

OutSec have a wealth of experience of audio recording equipment but the variety on the net can be quite confusing!  Whether a simple dictation or multiple speaker focus group, it is essential to have the correct recording device.  Above all by choosing the best equipment you will get the best transcript! If you would like to take advantage of our free consultancy service please call Tracey Pulfer on 01366 348088 or email her on

Time Code Option

If required we can insert a time code within the text.  For instance, if it is an interview at the beginning and end of each answer.

What Type of Transcription Do I Need?

Deciding which type of transcription to use depends wholly on the intended use of the content. Hopefully the explanations below will help you decide which type of transcription will be best for your project.

Intelligent Verbatim

Intelligent verbatim transcription omits all “umms”, “ahhs”, laughter and pauses throughout the conversation.  OutSec transcriptionists take a common sense approach eliminating words not relevant to the subject matter.  As a result, an “intelligent “transcript is provided.  For example, a speaker repeats herself for emphasis or uses colloquialisms like ‘you see’ for illustration.  In this case this is not necessary to the transcript and will be omitted.  This is the least expensive and most commonly requested transcript.


Edited transcription is a full and accurate script that has been formalised.  Often used by lecturers or conference organisers it is edited for readability and clarity.  In other words a concise and easy to read transcript appropriate for B2B communications, publishing houses (particular academic reports).


Verbatim, as you probably already know, means “word for word”.  Behavior and reactions are equally as important as the spoken words. Because of this the transcript will include repetition such as umms, ahhs, etc.  In other words it is a 100% accurate record.  Clients requiring verbatim are interested in the psychology behind the audio.  As a result this service is commonly used by the Police, Courts, Forensic Accountants and Market Researchers.

This is our most expensive service.


OutSec understands the requirement for the strict control of sensitive information.  That is why we are happy to sign any confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) prior to the commencement of any work for you.

Data Security

OutSec takes data protection and security seriously.  This is why we employ bank level data security to ensure your data remains safe (and confidential).

Open an account today or contact Tracey Pulfer at OutSec with your specific requirements.  




From as little as
£1.50 + VAT

per audio minute

One-to-One Recordings
(48 hour turnaround)

All dictations are rounded up to the nearest minute (for example a 6m 17s audio file would be rounded up to 7 minutes).

All our fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

On-site visits can be arranged to discuss any individual requirements at no charge.

Clients Include:

Here are just a few of our valued clients:

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