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Property & Surveying


Property & Surveying

OutSec provides property and surveying transcription to Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents, Inventory Clerks and Expert Witnesses both in the UK and abroad.

The Benefits of Property and Surveying Transcription

OutSec provides a dedicated transcription service.  The advantage to outsourced typing is that it will free up your time and is a less expensive option to in-house typing.  Dictation is a highly valuable tool for the busy surveyor. Taking notes by hand is slow, time-consuming and can introduce unintended errors. But at the end of the day, a voice note is still a note. Combine it with pre-formatted personalised reports and it is your sales product.  OutSec provides dedicated typists familiar with your dictation style and knowledge of the industry.  They will re-interpret it to the format required and can often have it returned to you before you have even finished your site visit!

OutSec provides total flexibility on a pay-as-you-go basis.   Clients can tap into the property and surveying transcription service whenever support is needed.  Typing is carried out by the OutSec team, all of whom have a minimum of 7 years’ property and surveying transcription service.

Did you know?

OutSec have invested in technology for the benefit of their clients and, in particular, the property and surveying transcription sectors.  In addition we are ISO27001 Certified – compliant in all standards, vital to ensuring clients that we have all our systems, procedures and security in order.  Moreover we have been awarded Certification in Cyber Security

Why? Because we realise that our clients need to feel comfort that we have been externally evaluated and can therefore make the claim to be a premium product from a professional dedicated company. This is why we have also invested in producing our unique OutSec app which is free and available to OutSec clients.  The App turns your smartphone to turn into a digital recorder and is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Alternatively OutSec can, of course, accept traditional dictated sound files.

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A thought:  by the use of the OutSec App you can now dictate ‘on-site’, upload to OutSec, again ‘on-site’ and have the report ready for your client when you leave the site!  This ensures a typing solution that meets all deadlines every day, every time!

New to Dictation?  No Problem

Often a building survey refers a buyer to obtain a further structural engineer’s report on specific defects, i.e. movement, subsidence or damp. So, for instance, if a person is new to dictation your secretary will work with you to improve it, whilst also ensuring presentation and grammer is corrected as it is typed up.  In addition a second typist is trained in each client’s needs.  This ensures you have constant first class typing as and when required.  No typing pool or offshore typing.  Why not try us out – what is there to lose?

OutSec also provide a free on-site consultancy enabling clients to fully understand the advantages of outsourcing their transcription needs.  If you are interested please do ring us on 01366 348088.

Alternatively start today with OutSec by opening an account.

OutSec’s FileManager system is compatible with following case management and workflow systems:

  • BigHand
  • Winscribe
  • Quest
  • iSURV or WorkSmart
  • Val-Ex or any other third party surveying software
  • Your own unique templates


Our expert management team are keen to help you maximise your efficiencies.   By analysing your business we can provide you with the precise financial savings that can be achieved by outsourcing your typing.  Take talking.  Did you know that you talk seven times faster than you type? So firstly it is quicker to dictate reports than write them out – seven times quicker.  However, in addition, a good typist will type four times faster than you!  The question therefore is: Is your time well spent typing or could you be achieving more by outsourcing this element of your business?

The answer:  by outsourcing you can then spend the time marketing and thereby adding value to your company.  This applies to small, medium and large businesses.  The result is the same:  to move forward and expand it is necessary to market; in order to do this time is needed.  Loosen up your time for your own benefit by using expert secretaries familiar with your terminology and super fast at typing!

The Virtual Office

In addition the property market is moving towards ‘online status’ only.  The office building is no longer vital or indeed practical to their business needs and is an unnecessary expense.  OutSec property and surveying transcription services have experienced typists in Quest, iSurv, WorkSmart, Val-Ex & more. provides cost savings of 30% or more.  A simple phone call to Tracey Pulfer 01366 348088 could change your life!  Can you afford not to?


Starting out on your own is not only daunting, but time consuming.  With OutSec’s experience and contacts we can help you with the first, and transitional steps necessary, to go forward.  This will enable you to continue spending time in your business while we spend time on your business.

Company Growth

OutSec have all of the experts you need to help you choose the best case management and workflow systems for your business.  In addition, they will provide you with advice and the appropriate tools to grow.  Morever we can introduce you to appropriate suppliers who already work with us.  As a result we can provide you with an all-in-one-package for now and your future needs.

If you would like to take advantage of this free service please contact the office on 01366 348088 and ask for Tracey Pulfer.

Or simply open an account today!


OutSec understands the requirement for the strict control of sensitive information.  We are happy to sign any confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) prior to the commencement of any work for you.

Data Security

OutSec takes data protection and security seriously.  This is why we employ bank level data security to ensure your data remains safe (and confidential).

Open an account today or contact Tracey Pulfer at OutSec with your specific requirements.  T: 01366 348088 E:



£1.20 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(24 hour turnaround)

Single Priority

Single Priority

£1.50 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(returned asap during office hours)



From as little as
£1.50 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

One-to-One Recordings
(48 hour turnaround)

All dictations are rounded up to the nearest minute (for example a 6m 17s audio file would be rounded up to 7 minutes).

All our fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

On-site visits can be arranged to discuss any individual requirements at no charge.

Clients Include:

Here are just a few of our valued clients:

Translate Media University of Salford Strutt & Parker Allied Surveyors & Valuers Carter Jonas Yorkshire Surveyors Bidwells Innes Associates Gregorys Tesson Consulting Beechlands Accountancy Services Consil Surveying Birley Steels Lightfoot Arnolds Keys Croyland Building Surveyors Ward Howard Chartered Surveyors BP2 Property Feather Smailes Scales Devonshire Partnership Rettie & Co Wright Consulting