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OutSec Services Ltd provides a digital solution to Inventory Companies and Inventory Clerks.  As an inventory company it is imperative that we provide our clients with accurate reports in a short time frame.  Based in Fort Worth, Texas, OutSec is perfectly positioned to provide this to clients every time!

Simplicity is always the answer to most questions!  We are therefore unique in our industry in providing to our clients our own branded App.  This app can simply be downloaded free from Google Play Store & Apple App Store and this App will turn your Android or Apple phone into a digital recorder enabling inventory clerks to use this as an alternative to digital recorders.

Again, in consideration of the peculiarities of the industry, the OutSec typing team operates out of America.  This enables clients to upload sound files early evening when the typists can then start working on the sound files enabling a super fast turnaround.  Of particular benefit, if a client demands a report back for ‘first thing in the morning’ this can be prioritised by the Inventory Department in the States, typed up and an assured return is guaranteed for first thing in the morning.  This we believe again enables our clients with an advantage over many of their competitors.

OutSec also understands the industry intimately.  It realises that work is often cyclical and so we can cover all eventualities provide ad-hoc cover (sickness, maternity or holiday leave) or as a long-term addition to in-house typing staff who can, in busier periods, find it difficult to meet typing deadlines.

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1.   Open an account
  2.   Download OutSec’s app or dictate into existing digital recorders
  3.   Upload sound file and relax!

Behind the scenes a main typist and second typist will be allocated to each client to ensure continuity and the familiarity that grows with working with the same typist; crucial to successful outsourcing.

Your OutSec transcriptionist will type within your template or one that we can provide you with if you would like.  If you are just starting out in the inventory industry do ask for samples of typical suggested templates – bearing in mind that we know the industry it makes sense to work within a template that suits Word best, as well as looking professional and ensuring easy-to-do editing facility, should that be necessary.  Please note that we work closely with our clients with our typists being proactive in highlighting their suggested changes, if appropriate/double-checking with clients’ needs; for instance if a client talks about matt silver switches and then says silver, the typist will query a one-off ‘silver switch’ if all others were ‘matt’.


£1.00 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(24 hour turnaround)

Single Priority

£1.30 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(returned asap during office hours)


From as little as
£1.50 + VAT

per audio minute

One-to-One Recordings
(48 hour turnaround)

All dictations are rounded up to the nearest minute (for example a 6m 17s audio file would be rounded up to 7 minutes).

All our fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

On-site visits can be arranged to discuss any individual requirements at no charge.

Clients Include:

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