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The Significance of Flexible Typing Provision

People just don’t ‘get it’ when they think of outsourced typing.  They scratch their heads and negatives run riot: bad quality, late returns, typos, loss of control.  Unable to see past these thoughts they pop the idea back into it’s box and close it shut!

The significance of flexible typing provision is a blog post from OutSec the UK's leading online transcription company the picture shows a blackboard with no and yes and a man stood in front of it

However, what if?!

The Advantages

  1. Top quality secretaries are choosing to work from home? They are offering their services to outsourced typing companies.  Typing companies then offer dedicated typists to their clients in the same way as an in-house secretary.  In addition they have back-up typists for when volumes are higher than usual and/of staff are away on annual leave or other personal reasons.  Recruitment costs and aggro are no longer necessary.  Training is a thing of the past.  That is all covered by the outsourced typing facility.  A partner dedicated to your needs. What’s not to like?  But in addition:
  2. Cost savings can be as much as 30% of in-house staff.  As an example a secretary paid £35,000 a year will, could, actually cost in effect costs its company £74,342.49 which works out as £49.40 for every hour worked.  If the said PA spends 30% of her time typing then this is expensive typing compared with £18 an hour!  If in doubt check this out by the use of our free calculator.
  3. But thirdly, and more importantly, is that in-house staff should not be typing.  They are your key personnel who liaise directly with clients as well as know how to market your product.  Instead consider your secretary’s role and their skills that can enhance your company’s growth by pro-activity and not by typing!

Finally, it is understood by all forward thinking companies that investment in technologies and improved in-house working practices will all result in growth.  There is no room for letting things run until they explode in a hot balloon of general frustration.  A good house tidy-up is necessary annually to ensure that companies are not loosing out on appropriate partnerships that will help, not hinder, them in their growth.

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About OutSec the UK’s Leading Online Transcription Company

OutSec is the UK’s leading online transcription company whose business has grown substantially since 2002. We are one of the most successful transcription companies in the United Kingdom.

OutSec are both ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified.

If information, data security and confidentiality is important to you, do not just cross your fingers when outsourcing transcription to meet your typing needs.

Therefore, if you are agreeing a contract which deals with sensitive data, demand ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials compliance.  They are more than logos! These information security standards set the bar high.  It takes constant review, challenge and action to receive and retain them. They also provide assurances that OutSec are indeed GDPR compliant.

OutSec provides secure outsourced transcription services to the medical, legal, property and surveying, media and interviews, inventories, financial, commercial, HR, recruitment and Executive Search sectors.

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