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The Virtual Meeting Platforms’ Dilemma

Advantages of Virtual Meeting Platforms

Virtual Meeting Platforms are here to stay and part of the New Norm. Because of lock-down take-up exploded with no turning back!  Familiar names like Zoom, Skype, Teams are already known but there are many others.  But which platform will suit YOUR needs? How many meetings do you want to have a week?  Should they be recorded and typed up or minutes taken?

(With video recording it is easy to send the file direct to an outsourced typing provider.  It is less expensive to outsource typing that use your internal staff. In addition the voice recording+transcript can then be filed away in case of dispute).

New Challenges

As with all technology there are advantages and disadvantages!  But key to a successful meeting is the Host’s ability to hold participant attention!  Unlike face-to-face meetings only one person should talk at once!  Mismanagement can create a negative impact very quickly.  Because of this the host must pay attention and know when to interject.  With large conferences it is advisable to recruit a pro for this job!  It is not as easy as it seems!  A video conference is more labour intensive than a face-to-face meeting.

How Do I run a Successful Online Meeting?

  • This is again a big subject.  You can use the opportunity as a branding opportunity such as by using customised company backdrops!  Blurring of background is popular but more sophisticated backdrops are fast becoming the Norm.  Because of this the backdrop is fast developing into an excellent marketing tool!
  • Style your meeting.  Plan it!  Not all businesses run the same but the objectives are all equal: a results-based end goal!
  • Consider the best person to host the meeting.  Is this you? Or perhaps someone else in your team?  Depending on the importance and size of the meeting weigh up whether to hire a pro. Because there are no travel expenses this may not be as expensive as it seems.
  • An ice-breaker is advantageous but beware it goes on for too long!
  • Share URL links to new participants in advance to allow them to familiarize with the platform interface and features.
  • Start on time! Courtesy does not end just because participants are working at home!
  • Best practice suggests high concentration lasts about 30 minutes.  Therefore ensure coffee breaks and/or a ‘virtual’ lunch-break!  Tip: Why not impress a potential new client by having coffee delivered direct to them?
  • Use features that allow individuals to be highlighted when speaking.
  • Make sure everyone is paying attention to what is going on. Tip:  Remote participants can get easily distracted so slides can be effective in keeping the eyes screen-focused.
  • Review and follow-up on main objectives and goals to ensure that everyone remains in the loop.

What to Look for in Virtual Meeting Platforms Software?

Consider your Company’s Objectives?

Do not rush into familiar sounding brands like Zoom, Teams & Skype without considering the long-term objectives.  It may be a monthly brain-storming session or a slide-dedicated presentation?  Perhaps you and your team need to work on editing a document?  Equally it could be providing online training to interns? What do you want to achieve ‘precisely’?

Consider some of the points below and, if necessary, draw up a tick-list of your company’s objectives and start your research.

Do you need: 

Instant Messaging?
Communication between team members must be easy.  Some participants may need to use their PC, their iPad or their iPhone so ensure the platform can be synced with popular devices.

Desktop Sharing?
Working together in a team to interact and edit in real-time is amazingly successful online.  But not every platform offers this opportunity.

Sign-On button?
Consider whether it is easy for a new user to create an account and log back in for use of service?

Plus the rest!

Research is vital!

Just to understand the amount of variables, as an example Google Meet does not have:

  • A “mute all” button
  • Change your background facility
  • Breakout rooms

But it has a whiteboard facility and Google Jamboard is particularly rated!

Skype is better equipped for small companies of up to 20 employees but Microsoft Teams is set up for large-scale inclusion.  More expensive is Skype for Business but, whilst it can accommodate up to 250 people, it has limitations such as:

  • Security is not as robust as information is sent over the internet
  • Without super fast internet connectivity playbacks can be choppy and video calls can stall
  • The messaging programme is still susceptible to hacking although this is being worked upon

Just from the above you will realise just how big a subject this subject is! Consider your needs from the outset so you don’t waste time and money investing in a system that only needs replacing further down the line.  Take advice if needed and read up on Google. Perhaps you are having meetings with potential customers?  Perhaps this is a first introduction to your company and its product? Like any first meeting it will be vital to provide a smooth well run operation and not be reliant on good coffee and a warm hand-shake!

We recommend taking the time to research the following well know but reliable Virtual Meeting Platforms:

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Go To Meeting

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