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Traditional Office Costs

Traditional Office Costs

Traditional office costs vary greatly between cities and across the UK.  Do not just consider a ‘salary’ when considering the cost of an employee.  It is imperative to add on overheads such as office space, utility costs etc to fully understand the costs involved in hiring staff.  Outsourced services are becoming the norm in business strategy due primarily to the cost savings that can be achieved.

Designed especially for OutSec, Stanbridge Associates have come up with a quick, easy-to-use calculator that can identify the true cost of running your office.  Input each salary, add information requested and add up.  An hourly rate will be provided.  Compare that against our typing cost of £18 an hour and you immediately have your cost savings!

Click on our Cost Calculator now and have the result in minutes.  You may be surprised by what you find!

With OutSec there are no contracts and no hidden fees, giving you and your company the maximum flexibility to manage its daily typing needs.

Flexibility and Outsourcing are Key in Today’s Tech-Centric World

30% savings in typing costs are easily achieved. In-house resources are valuable assets worthy of typing assistance!  Phone calls should not get left unanswered due to urgent typing requirements.  All this can be handled by OutSec making your lives more efficient and less stressful!  Typing deadlines are always achieved with accuracy levels unrivalled.  What’s not to like!

Key Benefits of Outsourcing your Typing

  • You can focus your energy on what matters most for your business.  It’s going to be hard to see the benefits of outsourcing if you don’t first look at your hours as a tangible cost. As a business owner, your time is a valuable asset. Every hour you spend on something that could be outsourced is time you could be spending on accomplishing your business objectives.
  • Professionals can get work done faster because it takes less time – trained typists are three times faster than the average.  What may take you a couple hours each week might take a trained professional significantly less time.
  • Your business gets more specialized expertise – formatting, layout, headers & footers all take time and specialism, second nature to experienced typists.
  • You’ll save time (and money, because your time is money you’re missing out on).  If something isn’t directly contributing to your bottom line, you can consider outsourcing it. Especially if that thing is keeping you from other tasks that do impact the business in a meaningful way.

So How Does it Work?

Many of you may already be familiar with our free App and even use it on a daily basis to send us work.  This App has been tailored for our client needs and, whilst the sound recording is exceptionally high, we suggest it is used solely for one-to-one or single recording.  The App turns your smartphone to turn into a digital recorder and is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Alternatively OutSec can, of course, accept traditional dictated sound files. Yes, that simple – you can be up and running with us today!

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Did you know?

OutSec have invested heavily in technology.  We therefore have a very cutting-edge File Manager program with all appropriate encryption, data protective and cyber security needs having been met.  However we have gone one step further than our competitors:  We are ISO27001 Certified and with Cyber Security accreditation.

Why are we so Qualified?

Because we see the value in offering clients a service that is fully validated by external government bodies.  Competitors ‘claim’ they are compliant but are they?  Many will explain in detail what they have done to ensure all GDPR standards are met and will expect you to take their word for it.  We suggest you do not.  Quite simply is it worth the risk when you can use our services that have been validated by government backed bodies?  Can you afford the risk of using a provider that does not meet requirements?  In today’s world it is simply not worth it; the risks of libel and court cases with huge fines are just too frequent and should be avoided at all costs.

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Why not open an account today?  Or if you have further questions simply phone us on 01366 348088 – we look forward to changing your lives – for the better!

Clients Include:

Here are just a few of our valued clients:

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