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We have the Technology, we can Rebuild!

The Future of Private Practice

So how do you get your private practice back on it’s feet then? A question that many clinicians and practice managers are asking themselves, and where do you start?  Well, do you remember the television show back in the day, where the opening lines to each episode was “Gentleman, we have the technology, we can rebuild him”?  (ah yes, The Six Million Dollar Man). Well, we do have the technology and we can help you to rebuild your practice.

During a virtual coffee and catch up with Sally Barr, the Managing Director of Trust Health and an OutSec Associate Partner, we were discussing the inevitable subject of Covid-19 and how it is affecting our respective Private Practice clients.  Lack of patient footfall has meant that clinicians have had to be more innovative.  The introduction of patient video consultations has had a huge impact.  Zoom/Skype meetings also enable practice managers to organise administrative staff working from home.

All in all technology is rebuilding private practice to cope with the pandemic that otherwise would have put smaller practices out of business.  And whilst some people look at this as a temporary measure, the smart operators realise that this is just a small visual of how Covid-19 will impact the world for years to come.  It is obvious that no-one can afford not to challenge current practice and see if there are ways to improve it.  Call it a check-list.  Either way due diligence exercised now will forge the template for your practice over the coming years.

How Private Practice needs to Change

It was as a result of that virtual coffee that Sally and I decided a simple blog (as you are now reading) is an effective way to introduce an exciting new initiative that Trust Health launched earlier this year.  We have the technology and we can rebuild the Future of Private Practice.

Filmed before Covid-19 it is wholly relevant to the Private Practice of the Future.  It primarily provides a private practice template that embodies technology, streamlines efficiencies whilst also saving costs.  In fact I was involved in the programme since, over the last couple of years, I have visited private practices up and down the country and have seen, first-hand the variances in their running.  Having worked in the medical field for the past 27 years I also know what private practices need, how not one size fits all and can advise on systems, best practice, and the advantages of social media.  Primarily and without doubt technology, as with Covid-19, has a big part to play in the Future of Private Practice.  Captured here are the key elements from our conversation.

So Sally, tell me who is the Grow Your Private Practice programme actually aimed at?

Well actually it’s for clinicians of any speciality who want to run a successful and profitable private practice.  It is beneficial for the clinician just setting up in private practice or for those who already have a private practice.  In both cases the key elements will increase efficiencies whilst maximising profits.  Many clinicians see the programme as a useful tool for their secretary or practice manager as the overview covers all elements of Private Practice. 

And Sally, what does the programme actually consist of?

It’s a series of more than 60 videos and podcasts lasting over 20 hours in total, from industry experts, yourself included, in the medical field and covers topics including:

 Marketing (website, social media)

  • Running a practice including telephone skills and why you shouldn’t worry about your competition
  • The importance of a good administration system (secretary, transcription, billing and software)
  • Legal pitfalls to watch out for
  • Patient reviews – how to respond and collate them
  • Communication skills with patients

Members will also have access to the private Facebook group.  Here they will find experts who can answer questions directly about their practices

What can clinicians learn from the programme?

Clinicians will learn, in short, the following:

  • how to create a functioning website
  • how and what to put on social media
  • what the 7 P’s of marketing are
  • how not to waste money in their practice
  • the 5 essential steps in running a practice
  • the importance of answering the practice phone correctly
  • how to manage the competition
  • how to communicate effectively with patients to increase referrals
  • the 3 ways we communicate and how to
  • ensuring GDPR compliance
  • protecting against legal claims
  • legal issues when developing a private practice
  • what to look for when setting up effective and efficient administration processes.  This includes practice management software systems, and the advantages of outsourced transcription and medical billing.

What feedback have you had so far, what have clinicians said about the programme?

“Looks great and there is so much content in there from day 1!”

“I was in paralysis with my practice, but this [programme] has helped me to see what I need to do be more successful”

“There are some real nuggets of information in here”

“I am particularly impressed with the extent of the information and the experts – Jill is a great trainer”

The all-important question then, how much does it cost?

The cost is £299 including VAT. This is the cost of less than two patient consultations, but the benefits clinicians will gain will ensure they have numerous more patients, easily outweighing the cost.

So Sally, if someone who reads this is interested in looking further about the programme, how can they access the details?

Visit our website and select the “Grow your Private Practice” service. Members can sign up there and gain full access to the programme.

Well Sally it has been an absolute pleasure talking with you, as always, and I am sure that your programme will be a huge success.  It would seem obvious that there is everything to gain from this programme whether a clinician, practice manager or health professional.  And, as we started out by saying, all practice need to consider the way forward post Covid-19 as literally the world is changing as we speak.  We have the technology and we can rebuild!

For further information please contact Sally direct:

Sally Barr, Managing Director, Trust Health Ltd

t: 01403 241484, e: or

Stephanie Carmichael, Senior Manager, Medical Division, OutSec Services Ltd

t: 01366 348088, e:


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