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About Us

The UK’s Leading Online Transcription Services Provider

About Us

OutSec is based in England and employ UK-based staff.  If you would like to know about us personally please visit The Management Team.

In addition our team of transcriptionists are 80% located in the UK with 20% abroad for overnight requests.

We provide transcription services to the following sectors:

Medical  –  Legal  –  Interviews  –  Focus Groups  –  Media  –  Surveying  

Estate Agency  –  Executive Search  –  Commercial  –  Inventories

Personal Attention in an Impersonal World

OutSec believe in close client relationships.  This is to the mutual benefit of all.  Immediately you start with OutSec you will have a dedicated Account Manager.  He/she will discuss your needs and tailor our service to meet those requirements. Because of this OutSec provides continuity of service to all clients.  Moreover Managers provide mobile, SKYPE, email addresses so that clients have instant access to them and there is no time delay in talking directly.

New to Dictation? No Problem!

OutSec recruit transcriptionists who not only type but also edit and perfect dictation. As a result this gives OutSec an edge over other providers.  When a transcriptionist starts working with OutSec they undergo training with particular emphasis on proactivity.  By this we mean that they are encouraged to report on any audio issues, such as muffled voice, incorrect dictaphone settings or indeed bad dictation!  This, in turn, will be explained to you to ensure that we help you learn the art! Helpful hints will be given to you which will result in better transcription. Don’t worry, this is part and parcel of the OutSec service and you are in safe hands!

Simple Systems delivering Real Benefits

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to use our transcription services. We have even created a free OutSec App to turn your SmartPhone into a digital recorder.  Because we are in touch with technology we provide a simple and effective system.  Moreover this enables clients maximum opportunity to take advantage of the cost savings available.  It takes minutes, not days, to open an account and start sending work. We understand that outsourcing equals flexibility and OutSec delivers that with no fixed costs, no monthly charges and no hidden fees.

Our Green Credentials

OutSec has a clear position on “Green” issues.  As a result we have reduced our carbon footprint to the bare minimum. Firstly we actively choose green suppliers and partners.  Secondly we minimise the amount of printed materials we use.  Thirdly we teach our staff to keep all work digital.  Our Green code of practice is intended to ensure we operate our business in an environmentally friendly was as possible.  As an internet company we can do this very efficiently indeed!

Our Moral Compass

OutSec has a strong moral and ethical stance and, so,  all staff and clients are treated with equal dignity and respect. Because of this staff turnover is unusually low with many transcriptionists working with us for years.  In addition, by paying an attractive rate to our database of highly skilled transcriptionists OutSec receives thousands of CVs from all over the globe.  We are therefore able to cherry-pick to ensure we get the creme de la creme. In conclusion you will be provided with continuity of service whilst additionally our transcriptionists work to maintain their reputations and stay with the company.  Because of this our service is highly reliable and a leader in the market.

A Perfect Fit

OutSec offers a full range of transcription services for the property, surveying, inventory, medical, legal, financial, commercial and interview sectors.  Because we are aware of our clients’ needs an OutSec transcriptionist is perfect matched to your requirements, the result of which is better quality and reliability than our competitors.

Clients Include:

Here are just a few of our valued clients:

Translate Media University of Salford Strutt & Parker Allied Surveyors & Valuers Carter Jonas Yorkshire Surveyors Bidwells Innes Associates Gregorys Tesson Consulting Beechlands Accountancy Services Consil Surveying Birley Steels Lightfoot Arnolds Keys Croyland Building Surveyors Ward Howard Chartered Surveyors BP2 Property Feather Smailes Scales Devonshire Partnership Rettie & Co Wright Consulting