About Us

About Us

The UK’s Leading Online
Financial Transcription Provider

Who We Are

OutSec is based in England and employs UK-based staff. If you want to learn more about us, you can find our management team profiles on their sector service pages.

Our team of transcriptionists all have at least 5 years’ sector-specific experience, and all clients are provided with a dedicated lead and backup typist to ensure continuity.

Our Mission

OutSec believes in close client relationships. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager as soon as you begin working with OutSec. They will discuss your requirements and adapt our service to match those perspectives.

At OutSec, we are proud of our professional reputation achieved over 20 years in the business.

What We Do

Our 6 Step Process



The client dictates the file using the OutSec dictation App, digital dictator or 3rd Party Software.


Send File

The audio files are sent from the App or uploaded to the OutSec FileManager System ready for transcription.


Typist Allocated

The sound file is allocated to a dedicated typist based on the work sector and skills needed.


Typist Complete

The typist completes the work and uploads the transcription to the OutSec FileManager System  (or directly into the client case management system).


QA Check

The work is marked as completed and is delivered back to the client via the OutSec FileManager System


Transcription Delivered

An automated despatch notice informs the client that work is ready to be picked up from the OutSec FileManager sytem.

The OutSec App

The OutSec dictation App turns any Smartphone into a digital recorder. It is simple to use and free to our clients. By downloading it your smartphone is a sophisticated digital recorder.

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For more information, check out our FAQs.

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