Accuracy Matters in Market Research Interview Transcription

Accuracy Matters in Market Research Interview Transcription. A blog post by OutSec the UK's leading online transcription company

Market research interviews are a valuable method to collect data and insights from your target audience, customers, or stakeholders. They can help you understand their needs, preferences, opinions, and behaviors, and inform your business decisions and strategies. Market researchers need market research interview transcription services to transcribe their interviews.

What is Market Research Interview Transcription?

Market research interview transcription is the process of converting the spoken words of an interview into written text. This is used by market researchers to transcribe their interviews for various reasons, such as:

  • To ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data collected from the interviewees.
  • To facilitate analysis and interpretation of the data, by using textual tools and methods.
  • To provide evidence and support for their findings and conclusions, by referring to the transcripts.
  • To share and communicate their results with other researchers, clients, or stakeholders, by using transcripts as a source of information.

Market research interview transcription can be done manually by human transcribers, or automatically by software or algorithms.

Why Is Accuracy Important in Market Research Interview Transcription?

However, to get the most out of your market research interview transcription, you need to ensure that they are accurate. Accuracy refers to how well the transcribed text reflects the original speech content and context. Inaccurate transcriptions can lead to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or missed opportunities.

Accuracy is important in market research transcription because it can affect the quality and validity of the data and insights that are derived from the interviews. Inaccurate transcripts can lead to misinformed decision-making, which can have negative consequences for the business or organisation that conducts the market research or it could skew research. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable and professional transcription service that can ensure high accuracy and consistency in transcribing the spoken words of the interviewees.

How To Achieve Accuracy in Market Research Interview Transcription?

One of the main factors that affects the accuracy of your market research interviews is the transcription method you choose. There are two main options: using a transcription company or using automated speech recognition (ASR).

A transcription company is a service that employs human transcribers to listen to your audio or video recordings and convert them into written text. ASR is a technology that uses algorithms and machine learning to recognise speech and output text automatically.

While both methods have their pros and cons, we believe that using a transcription company is the better choice for ensuring accuracy in your market research interviews. Here are some of the reasons why:

Human Transcribers Can Handle Complex Speech Better Than ASR

Human transcribers have the advantage of being able to understand the context and nuances of speech. They can accurately capture speaker identification, punctuation, formatting, and verbatim or clean-read transcription styles, depending on your requirements. They can also handle various accents, speech patterns, background noise, and other challenges that can affect transcription accuracy.

ASR systems, on the other hand, may struggle with these finer details and produce less coherent transcripts. They may not recognise words, especially if they are uncommon, technical, or ambiguous. For example, ASR may confuse “four” with “for”, “there” with “their”, or “affect” with “effect”.

Human Transcribers Can Provide Quality Control and Customisation

Another benefit of using a transcription company is that they can provide quality control and customisation for your transcripts. A reputable transcription company will have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of their transcriptions. They will also have a system of multiple reviews and checks to maintain high standards.

A transcription company can also offer various options for customisation based on your needs. They can handle different file formats, timestamps, specific formatting requests, and confidentiality and security measures. They can also accommodate any special instructions or feedback that you may have.

ASR technology, in contrast, relies solely on automated algorithms and may not have the same level of quality control and customisation. You may not be able to adjust the settings or preferences of the ASR system to suit your needs. You may also have less control over the security and privacy of your data.

Human Transcribers Can Save You Time and Money in the Long Run

You may think that using ASR is faster and cheaper than using a transcription company. However, this may not be true in the long run. ASR transcripts may require more time and effort to edit and correct than human transcripts. You may also need to hire someone to review and verify the ASR transcripts for accuracy.

Using a transcription company can save you time and money in the long run by providing you with accurate transcripts from the start. You can focus on analysing and utilising the data from your market research interviews instead of spending time and resources on fixing errors or inconsistencies.


Accuracy is crucial for getting the most out of your market research interviews. It can help you avoid mistakes, misunderstandings, or missed opportunities that can affect your business outcomes.

To ensure accuracy in your market research interviews, we recommend using a transcription company over ASR technology. A transcription company can provide you with high-quality, accurate transcripts that reflect the original speech content and context. They can also handle complex speech better than ASR systems, provide quality control and customisation for your transcripts, and save you time and money in the long run.

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