Gift Your Practice Outsourced Medical Transcription This Christmas

Gift Your Medical Practice Outsourced Medical Transcription This Christmas. A blog post by OutSec, the UK's leading online transcription company

The phenomenon of outsourced medical transcription has reached unprecedented levels but still the average person does not fully comprehend its advantages.


The simple answer to this question lies in the heading.  We talk six to eight times faster than even a trained touch typist can type.  So why waste time typing when you can dictate? 


Who does the medical typing in your practice?  The answer here is probably a range of people; PA, clinician, receptionist or even a family member.  And then second to this is that some days are busier than others and still more typing is done in-house to the detriment, often, of the patient journey.

Why is this so Important?

It is important in this day and age because the patient journey means so much more than the time spent in the doctor’s room.  It comprises the initial phone call with your receptionist, the arrival and time spent in the waiting room, the after-care often by a health professional and last but not least the departure and homeward trip.

The whole journey will be remembered, often for a very long time.  Due to the sensitive and personal nature of the journey your patient is likely to recommend you if your staff have the time to talk to them and assure them, whilst providing a smiling demeanour.  This cannot be achieved if there are urgent typing deadlines and a constant expectation for perfect transcripts.

Leave all Medical Transcription to Professionals!

A quick and easy solution to the above is to consider outsourcing your typing needs to professional touch-typists who will not be distracted by phones and/or patient questions but who will get on with the job at hand and meet deadlines day-on-day.


It’s easy.  Most transcription companies provide their own free App which when downloaded turn smartphones and tablets into digital recorders.  Simply talk and send and receive the transcripts back in Word or your chosen Practice Management System.


Costs are 30% less than in-house staff typing costs or more if you yourself are struggling to watch the keyboard and type at the same time.  Is this not a waste of your time when you could dictate six to eight times faster?  Instead, you could see another patient or improve your life-home balance.  Either way, it just makes sense.  

So give yourself a special gift this Christmas to ensure a prosperous New Year. Start outsourcing your medical typing needs today!

About OutSec

OutSec is the UK’s leading online transcription company whose business has grown substantially since 2002. We are one of the most successful medical transcription companies in the United Kingdom.   

Key to its success has been the dedicated one-to-one client-transcriptionist provision which ensures continuity and 99% accuracy. It is in essence like having your own personal secretary, who would normally be down the corridor, working remotely enabling your in-house typing resources to be used more effectively within the practice.

With OutSec there are no contracts, no minimum spends and no hidden fees.  What is there not to like?

Want to get started?  It’s simple!

  1. Open an account.
  2. Your dedicated account manager will be in touch instantly.
  3. Download our App
  4. Dictate.
  5. Transcription is returned within 24 hours or once completed, when using our priority service.

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