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In an age where the legal sector needs to be cost effective and more efficient, law firms are turning to OutSec to outsource their typing needs.

Renowned as the UK’s number one industry leader in transcription, OutSec have been providing high quality transcription services to the legal profession since 2002.

Our experience of working with legal professions over the years, has given us extensive knowledge and insight into what is required from us by the legal profession.  Since its inception, OutSec has taken data security, data protection and confidentiality very seriously.  This is why we employ bank level data security to ensure your data remains safe and confidential.  All our legal transcriptionists have had extensive experience in the legal profession, ensuring that all your documents are typed to the highest standard, and that all Court documents are typed according to prescribed Court Rules.  Of course, all our staff at OutSec sign stringent confidentiality and data protection agreements.  Our transcriptionists are also able to work directly into your case management or practice management systems, making life even easier for your firm.

The Benefits of Legal Transcription:
Save time and money, reduce your overheads, and increase your chargeable hours!

Using OutSec benefits legal practices of all shapes and sizes and with OutSec, there are no contracts, monthly fees or hidden charges; you have the ability to use our services to meet your individual needs and requirements.

We are therefore the perfect solution for sole practitioners, small practices or Barristers who need transcription assistance on a pay-as-you-go basis; providing a cheaper alternative to employment (and its associated costs).  In house practices find using OutSec the perfect solution to provide additional support when demand is high.

Medium to large firms use OutSec to:

  • Reduce secretarial staff (completely or partially) thereby reducing the need for expensive office space and reduce employment (and its associated costs);
  • Provide additional support to meet demand at the time of high workloads.  The beauty of OutSec is we can flex to meet your business demands quickly and easily;
  • Provide cost effective cover whilst secretarial staff are off on holiday, maternity, or sickness absence leave.

Legal practices, who believe that having Solicitors, Legal Executives or Paralegals type their own documents, are waking up to the fact that they are losing out on valuation chargeable hours as a result.  It is common practice that Solicitors in this modern technological age spend a considerable amount of time typing; more than they do practicing law.  Simply dictating a document is approximately 36% more cost efficient, giving Solicitors more time to increase those all-important chargeable hours which are considerably higher per hour than the cost of using the OutSec service.

On-site consultancy to identify precise cost savings is available at no charge.

So why not open an account today.

The Legal Transcription Team

At OutSec we believe in having dedicated transcriptionists rather than having large banks of typists.  Every member of OutSec’s legal transcriptionist team has had over 10 years’ experience in the legal sector and all have signed stringent confidentiality agreements.  With their legal experience, they truly understand the importance of Client confidentiality and accuracy in legal work.

Many of OutSec’s transcription team have qualifications such as ILEX or the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Legal Secretary certification; which makes OutSec’s legal team one of the best in the industry with experience in a vast range of areas including (but not limited to): criminal, matrimonial, family, probate, conveyancing, civil and criminal litigation, tort, copyright, design and patents, debt, insolvency and bankruptcy, immigration, social housing and public law.


Whilst all of our transcriptionists sign stringent confidentiality and data protection agreements, OutSec are always happy to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you may wish to have in place before working with your firm.



£1.20 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(24 hour turnaround)

Single Priority

£1.50 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

Single Voice Recording
(returned asap during office hours)


From as little as
£1.50 + VAT

Per Audio Minute

One-to-One Recordings
(48 hour turnaround)

All dictations are rounded up to the nearest minute (for example a 6m 17s audio file would be rounded up to 7 minutes).

All our fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

On-site visits can be arranged to discuss any individual requirements at no charge.

Clients Include:

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