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Terms and Conditions

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  • These Terms and Conditions will come into effect when you Set up an OutSec account and the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box is ticked, and will continue until the Account is deactivated.
  • All OutSec clients are responsible for setting up direct debit payments via GoCardless to facilitate payment of the Charges or ensuring prompt payment of the charges via alternative payment facilities, including but not limited to BACS, in accordance with our strictly 30 day settlement period.
  • Each separate Client File uploaded to the FileManager service shall create a contract for the provision of Services in respect of that Client File only.
    OutSec Services Limited (known as ‘OutSec’ from hereon in) retains the right to accept or decline any orders for transcription.

Except where otherwise agreed, our price structure is based on a per audio minute basis. Rates will be reviewed annually and any increases will be notified within one month of implementation. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT which shall be applied at the prevailing rate.

OutSec issue invoices on or as near to the first of the month, based on the working week. As an example, if the 1st day of the month falls on a Saturday then invoices will be emailed direct to the client on the 3rd. Payment is due strictly 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated. Payment can be made by: bank transfer, PayPal and credit card via our FileManager system or the use of our Direct Debit facility. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at a rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate on the outstanding balance from the date the invoice is due until the date of payment.

Each client will provide OutSec with templates and sample documents, as necessary, to enable OutSec to perform its services to the required standard and within the specified timeframe.

OutSec will provide each client with unique log-in details to enable them to access the secure online system in order to upload sound files (if so required) and download complete transcripts.

In addition, the OutSec App is free and available to all clients.

The OutSec FileManager system is unique in the market. Tailored and built specifically for OutSec it provides clients with additional historical information and acts as a useful tool for client management.

OutSec will endeavour to complete the transcription project by the dates agreed with you. If there is any reason why the completion of the transcription project is going to be unduly delayed, OutSec will inform you as soon as possible. We reserve the right to change turnaround times and prices quoted due to changes in the specifications, quantities, legibility and/or quality of origin or source material or delivery. OutSec cannot be held liable for damage to any media supplied by the customer either in our possession or in transit.

OutSec adheres to GDPR and the Data Protection Act and will hold and process any personal information provided to them by parties and other interested parties in order to facilitate the provision of transcription services. All data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

Additionally we have invested in bespoke systems incorporated within our FileManager system to keep all audio files and transcripts secure.  Our file upload platform is user friendly and features advance encryption, fast upload times, and plenty of storage for your files.  However in accordance with GDPR all files are deleted from the system after 40 days of receipt.  This is a strict protocol to concur with current legislation.

OutSec understand our client obligations to keep personal data and sensitive information secure. All our transcriptionists have undergone security vetting and sign Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements where required.  A guarantee that the government-approved body audits OutSec annually to ensure it complies with all GDPR and that all systems are fully up to date with security being of the highest level.

We’ve invested in bespoke IT systems with the goal to keep all audio files secure. Our file upload platform is user friendly and features advanced encryption, fast upload times, and plenty of storage for your files. Simply upload your recording and we’ll get started.

All minutes transcribed, until verbal or written notification of the cancellation of the project is received will be paid for by the client. In the event a project is cancelled while it is being transcribed the client will be deemed liable for work carried out up to the time verbal or written instruction was given to cease the project.


Clients will be deemed to be responsible for proofreading all completed transcripts and no responsibility will be accepted by OutSec for any errors arising in final copies of a completed transcript or any loss, damages, costs, expenses or liability suffered by you and arising from your subsequent use of any documentation produced.

In line with our security policies, we do not retain audio or text files of completed projects beyond 40 days of delivery of the project. Safeguarding your data security is crucial to us and therefore any audio or text files that are kept on our FileManager system are encrypted and secure and been approved by our ISO 27001 Certification.  This Certification is a government approved body and examined on an annual basis to ensure OutSec are keeping up with current legislation on all fronts.

OutSec shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims arising from any client material which is lost or damaged of which you have not retained a copy. Recordings will be kept on our Secure Server for 40 days before deletion. OutSec reserves the right to defer or to cancel the Contract without liability to you if it is prevented from or delayed in the carrying on of its business due to external circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, fire, acts of terrorism and breaks in electricity supply or telecoms. OutSec does not accept liability to Customer for direct or consequential economic loss (including loss of profit or business).

English law shall govern this Agreement, and the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

We are OutSec Services Limited. OutSec has been the leading award-winning UK provider of transcription services since 2002.

Started by Vanessa French it has developed into one of the most respected transcription companies in the industry.  Realising the importance of mutual respect, all typists know they are valued for their achievements, abilities and qualities.  Being valued and treated respectfully promotes a positive work culture and many of the OutSec team have been with OutSec for years.  Vanessa has watched their children grow up alongside her own and many of the team, including Vanessa, now have grand-children.  We look after our typists who are fulfilled, loyal, engaged and motivated to perform at their best. 

The core management team are unified in their approach to the growth of OutSec, the importance of client relationships and above all provide a personal dedicated service.  There is no waiting for the phone to be answered with the predictable background music; rather instant access to staff by a variety of methods.  Mobiles and Skype combined with Zoom and Teams ensures cohesion throughout the company as it continues to thrive and grow in an industry that is destined to grow by over 40% in the next two to three years.

It is ‘smart’ to outsource.  By saving time and costs your focus is better spent on building your company.  Set up an account today and look forward to a new future with OutSec.

We believe the backbone of our success is in our dedicated team of experienced transcribers. All our transcriptionists have a minimum of five years’ sector specialist transcription experience and undergo a training period before they are assigned to clients.  Unquestionably by providing a dedicated typist and back-up typist we can assure that both dictator and typist get to understand each other and, naturally, this results in quality equivalent to your own dedicated PA.  

For specialised roles such as medical and legal transcription services, our transcribers must also have relevant experience in the sector. This ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy, and a transcript that our clients can rely on.

Uniquely, we receive a minimum of 50 CVs per day, many of them exceptional.  Working from home is increasingly seen as an attractive proposition especially for typists who have retired and wish to have a regular income.  We carefully choose our transcriptionists for their experience and aptitude and know that we could not guarantee the same results for our clients otherwise.

Not every audio transcription job is the same, and the level of detail required can vary hugely. It may be that you do now know what kind of template would work best for your industry. For instance an inventory template is completely different from a time-stamped video transcript!  We therefore offer a selection of professionally formatted audio transcription templates that can be altered and personalised for our clients. 

Naturally though we are also happy to work within your in-house requirements where necessary and present your transcript in your desired format, including any additional preferences you may have.

No matter which audio transcription template you decide on, the end result will be a highly accurate transcription.

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