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Working from Home without Losing your Mind!

Home Working

Employees are now finding themselves in uncharted territory and possibly working from home.  This may be the first time ever and is a direct result of the current crisis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Companies wish to protect their staff and public health precaution pressure will result in the same mantra:  GO HOME!

Initial Elation 

Imagine: Your office chair is your sofa. Your commute is the length of your hallway. Your snack drawer is your entire pantry. 

Yes, working from home may have its perks.  You are always there to accept deliveries.  You can play whatever music you want.  But you also have to contend with the isolation and distraction which it can bring.  Spend enough time working alone, though, and you may start to lose your sense of self or indeed your mind!

At OutSec, all our fantastic staff and typists have been working at home full time for a while and we feel that we can provide our clients and potential clients with some useful tips on how to handle working from home if you have never experienced it before!

Always Get Dressed!

“Get fully ready for the day and pretend you’re actually going to work. Otherwise, you might find yourself back in bed.”

It will be tempting to roll out of bed and pop over to your laptop in your “jim jams” or maybe even not get out of bed in the first place!  STOP!  It’s a trap!

It is going to be a lot harder to get your brain into gear if you are still prepared for bedtime!  Get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed—whatever your morning routine entails when you actually do go into the office.

If you do not get ready for the day, then your day never really starts.  You will find yourself just checking in on the work front and flopping out on the sofa in front of Netflix!

Prep Healthy Snacks!

Trust me, you are going to snack…constantly!  Prepare healthy snack pots; carrots, celery etc.  DO NOT reach for the chocolate bars or packets of crisps however tempted you may be!  You will thank me come the summer!

Take Regular Breaks!

You WILL miss the commute into work – that time where you can wake up on the way to the office or wind down on the journey home.  Time will take on a different perception.  It will be easy to work through lunch or do extra hours.  More importantly, sitting for long periods can be terrible for your health and mind when you’re staring at the same walls or window all day.

So make sure you take breaks.  Get some fresh air.  Go for a walk up and down the garden.  Take the dog out for an extra 15-20 minute walk.  Whatever you do, get away from the screen for a little while.

Home Alone with Others

“If anyone else is going to be at home when you’re working, they just have to be clear that when you’re in your ‘office’ (in my case, my signal to the family is having headphones on), you’re working — even if it looks like and feels like you’re hanging out at home. It’s easy to get distracted by the many things that have to be done around the house during the day.”

Even pop a note on your door Do Not Disturb but get the message across as otherwise you will find your daughter wants you to check her essay, the dog wags his tail for another walk, your husband certainly thinks you will provide lunch!  Start as you wish to go on.  A routine should be established and stuck to.  Quite simply remember ‘you are at work’ even if you are ‘at home’.

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Either way discipline, self-motivation, your health and well-being are all key factors to stay on top of.  If you find you are failing ask a remote colleague to help you.  Have them on SKYPE so you can have a chat now and again.  Humans have and will always need other human interaction so communicate and try not to constantly IM or text.  Pick up the phone and have a laugh.  Whatever it takes do it!

You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else

Socrates said it so well ‘Know Thyself’

Now is perhaps an opportunity to work out who you are at the same time as working from home.  When have you had the time before?  More importantly when were you allowed the peace to consider this.  Choose, perhaps, to add an extra hour to the end of your day and take the time to consider this.

As a starter check out this link

….you may be surprised by what you find!

The OutSec App

Tale advantage of the OutSec App for smartphones.  This turns your smartphone into a recording device to enable you to record and send your dictations without the need for bringing home dictation equipment or online PC access.  Simply search for OutSec Services Ltd in your store and download – provided you are registered with OutSec, you can use it straight away!

We hope the above helps you make your transition a little easier.  Please also visit our other Blog on some tips on how to keep yourself safe and well during this “crisis”.

Things could be shaping up to be a new era for most employees but if you have any concerns then do get in touch – we are here to help in any way we can – we work better together!

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